Lake Superior Provincial Park

Backpacking trip to Lake Superior Provincial Park in Wawa, Ontario.

Herman Miller

Various freelance projects for Herman Miller.

Novel Affair Invitations

Invitations for Ragdale's Novel Affair event.

Cabin-Time 5: Green River

Fifteen creatives traveled to Desolation Canyon north of the town of Green River, Utah. We stayed on the bank of the Green River created work that explored the theme Ford the River.


Jackalope Hunting

Tracking and trapping the elusive jackalope.

Oregon Trail Deaths

On the Oregon Trail, many things can kill you.

Color Flash Long Exposures

Long exposures with color flash. Collaboration with Adam Weiler, Charlotte XC Sullivan, Steven Rainey and Meg Whiteford.

Open House

ArtPrize 2013 entry for Habitat for Humanity with the Habitat Young Professionals committee. Each wall illustrates the benefits of stable housing for Families, Communities and the Economy.

Collaboration with David Schofield.

Stereoscopic GIFs

Animated gifs from a stereoscopic disposable camera experiment.

Wild West

Photos from my road trip out west. Arches and Zion National Parks.

Solace Magazine

Handmade collages for a TedxGR article in Solace magazine. Sprinkles and multicolor thread represent great ideas coming together.

Cabin-Time 4: Wilderness

Twelve creatives traveled to Wilderness State Park on the northwest coast of Michigan’s lower peninsula. We stayed in a Civilian Conservation Corps bunkhouse and created work that explored the theme Beyond Was All Around Me in relation to Wilderness State Park.


Eyes in the Night


Black Holes


Butt Fart Pillows

Bringing lowbrow humor and handmade quality together.


Urban Institute for
Contemporary Arts

As the graphic designer for UICA, I have worked on many projects in all areas of the organization. These projects include the new UICA website, business materials, event invitations, exhibition graphics, newsletters, website management and year end campaigns.


Weather Rock

Novelty camp structure that forecasts weather conditions.

more pictures here

Cabin-Time: Rabbit Island

Remote creative residency to Rabbit Island, MI.


Hoax Project

Recreations of classic Hoax imagery.

Images shot on 35mm Kodak Plus-X film with 300mm Zoom Lens

Double Exposures

Double exposure portraits of the artists at Cabin-Time: Bogus Lake.

Shot on a Mamiya 645 with expired Kodak Plus-X 125

These are 9x12" mounted full bleed on pine boards $50

Cabin-Time: Bogus Lake

Remote artist residency to Bogus Lake in northern Minnesota.


more pictures here

Cabin-Time: Porcupine Mountains

Remote artist residency to the Porcupine Mountains in Michigan's Upper Penninsula.


Michigan Land of Riches

You&I created a fictional display about a researcher who discovered Bigfoot. The exhibit was part of the Michigan Land of Riches show in the abandoned Grand Rapids Public Museum.


Confess Wall

You&I enter ArtPrize 2010 with the Confess Wall. Tell the world your secrets!


Peep: Nat Geo

Collages using National Geographic magazine.

Everything Drawing

You&I enter ArtPrize 2009 with a drawing that has everything. We sent out blank notebooks and asked people to list everything they could think of. We ended up drawing over 1000 objects and ideas out on a 4x8 sheet of plywood. SO MUCH FUN!


Pleasant Peninsula

Poster design for AIGA West Michigan

I'm Ok I'm Alive

Collage for 50/50 art show.

Nature Vinyl

Vinyl stickers for the home or office.


Pillows for when you get annoyed.

Jet Set

Zine featuring local artist and photographers

Decoy Skateboards

Designed with YOU in mind.


Font made from apples.


Woodcut prints.

Squirrelmeat Posters

Posters studies with digitized squirrels and meat backgrounds

Fruity Pebble Pile

Fun background made from crushed fruity pebbles

Download Skull

Download Smile

Download Pile
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